Danish Partnership Facility Program Arranges Seminar in November

The purpose of the seminar is to give the partners a possibility to showcase the various environment technologies and products for a broader market. The Partnership Facility Programme is a Danida-supported program which aims at improving the environment in Thailand by strengthening Thai companies working within the energy and environmental sectors, primarily by transferring know-how and products from private Danish companies. For the past two year the program has been managed by TMB Bank.

 “We hope that the seminar will help the partnerships to establish contacts to relevant customers and to other companies in order to showcase how their technologies products can be used in Thailand”, Rene Treumer Andersen, advisor to TMB Bank explains. The target group for the seminar is therefore industries and other private companies as well as various government agencies. “The partnerships will have the possibility to make short presentations about their technologies and also to have a stand at the seminar where they can demonstrate their products”, Rene Treumer Andersen says.

Because Danida is phasing out its development assistance programme in Thailand, the Partnership Facility Programme will only accept new partnerships until the end of this year.

For more information about the Partnership Facility Programme, please contact Rene Treumer Andersen at [email protected]

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