Finnish Ambassador to Thailand to Travel to Burma

Lars Backstr๖m, Finland’s ambassador to Thailand, told the Finnish News Agency (STT) on September 28 that he would travel to Burma on September 30, 2007.
He added his week-long itinerary included visits to Rangoon, the biggest city, as well as to Mandalay and Naypyidaw, the new capital founded in a remote inland location by the Myanmar junta.
Mr Backstr๖m said he would also attempt to meet Finns who live in Burma.There are five Finns who live in Burma on a permanent basis.”Two of them work for international organisations, so they can take care of themselves. We have been attempting to maintain contact with the others by phone and I will try to meet them once there,” the ambassador said.
Mr Backstr๖m, accredited to Burma as well as to Thailand, had been planning to visit the country before the junta cracked down on a protest led by Buddhist monks.

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