DANIDA Supports Vietnam’s New Technical Regulations for Food Safety

The Danish funded Fisheries Sector Programme (FSPS II) is supporting the further development of Vietnam’s institutional framework, technical regulations and guidelines to improve traceability and food safety of fish and fish products.
On 25-28 of September 2007 the Ministry of Agriculture held a workshop in Ho Chi Minh City with the objective of improving the existing framework for traceability and food safety of fish and fish products. The workshop was attended by government officials, as well as private sector actors ranging from grass-roots organisations to large-scale processors and exporters. These activities are part of the activities of the Danida funded FSPSII.
The workshop considered the various existing national and sectoral standards relating to food safety of fish and fish products in regard to fishing vessels, landing sites, markets and distribution centres that now need to be either phased out or converted into legally-binding technical regulations.
The Government of Vietnam has set a timetable for completing this exercise, which has become necessary due to Vietnam’s accession as the 150th member of the World Trade Organisation.
This process of wide stakeholder consultation will help the Vietnamese Government in its efforts to formulate a more comprehensive legal framework and guidelines for all stakeholders in the value chain for fish and fish products.
In addition to the consultative workshops, Danida is providing technical assistance in finalising the content of the new draft technical regulations for subsequent consideration by the responsible ministries.

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