50M Danish Kroner to Burmese People

Denmark will grant additional 50 Mill. Danish Kroner to the Burmese people. The money will be spend in a way that will benefit the burmese people, writes the foreign ministry of Denmark.

    Denmark today already does give aid to the burmese people. Most of it goes to the refugees in Thailand who has fled the suppression of the Burmese army.

    But since 2006, more support has been given to benefit the Burmese people inside Burma through support to for instance UNICEF’s program for basic ediucation. In 2006 the total support was 23 mill DKK.

    “The situation in Burma is rapidly deteriorating,” says Danish Minister for Development Udviklingsminister Ulla Tørnæs.
    “Powerty is growing, children are starving and the population has increasingly less access to health facilities and education. What we see today is the result of decades of mismanagement of an economy that could have been at the same level as Thailand.”

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