Vietnamese Exporters Trained in EU Market Access with Danida’s Workshop

Vietnam’s WTO membership brings new business and trade opportunities to Vietnamese companies – but also challenges and risks. In a bid to help Vietnamese companies take advantage of opportunities and avoid risks as they export to the European Union market, Danida supports the Trade and Business Information Centre (T-BIC) to host a workshop on “Export and Import with the European Union” on October 23, 2007.
The EU is now Vietnam’s second largest export market after the United States. Last year Vietnam’s export turnover to the EU hit over US$7 billion and import turnover from the EU hit US$3 billion. In 2007, it is forecasted that Vietnam’s export to EU will hit US$8.5 billion, a year-on-year increase of 23.1%.
However, after Vietnam entered WTO, export standards and quotas have seen many changes resulting in several new challenges to Vietnamese exporters. Consequently, Vietnamese companies – especially Vietnamese exporters – are in need of information on WTO, the world market in general and the EU in particular in order to reap the full benefits of Vietnam’s ongoing internationalization and integration in to the global economy.
In order to address these challenges, the Embassy of Denmark and Hanoi Young Business Association (HYBA) launched the T-BIC project. The project seeks to provide Vietnamese companies with additional information on WTO, export markets, trade policy, legal and business environment issues, and its direct commercial implications.
In short the project has the two immediate objectives of a) establishing a Trade & Business Information Centre (T-BIC) and b) capacity building within Hanoi Young Business Association and sister organizations to voice trade related policy concerns
The workshop “Export and Import with European Union” is one of the activities within the T-BIC framework to provide information on trade and business to Vietnamese enterprises. The objective of the workshop is to help Vietnamese companies further boost Vietnam’s exports to the EU market and to teach measures on how to avoid risks accessing the market.
Resource persons will provide speeches and research on topics such as a) trade relations between Vietnam and the EU and b) how to succeed and prosper in exporting goods to the EU after Vietnam joined the WTO.
The T-BIC project started in 2006 and runs for a period of two years with a budget of 2,179,670 DKK (approximately USD 387.000).

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