Danish Embassy Held Workshop on Cultural Identity in Vietnam

The two-day workshop, co-organised by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Danish Embassy in Hanoi on October 24, 2007 heard that while Vietnam has continued its integration and pursued an open economy, legal frameworks for cultural development should be made in line with the country’s actual circumstances.
The main concern is how and to what extent Vietnam should preserve its identity as it strives to integrate into the global economy, said a deputy director of Culture and Information Research Institute, Luong Hong Quang.
Part of a Danish Government-funded project which runs from 2006-10, the workshop is being held to assist Vietnamese policy makers exchange experience and open discussions so they can map out a suitable framework for arts development and cultural identity in Vietnam.
The meeting included reports on the finalisation of cultural policies in Vietnam and discussions on Denmark’s experiences on the subject.
Talking about the issue would greatly assist the nation, Danish Ambassador to Vietnam Peter Lysholt Hansen said.
“A genuine dialogue based on a free and open exchange of different and controversial views is essential for shaping the development of the individual and for building a strong society,” he said.
Around 50 individuals and representatives from cultural research agencies in Vietnam and Denmark attended yesterday’s event. The workshop continues today with open discussions between speakers and representatives.

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