Green Technologies at Work

Around 250 people, mainly Danish and Thai businessmen attended the marketing seminar, which was sponsored by the Danish Embassy of Bangkok. “We have four ongoing projects and six in the pipeline, which are expected to be approved by the end of the year”, says Rene Treumer Andersen. As Senior Advisor to TMB bank, he has managed the Partnership Facility Programme for two years.
    All the partnerships focus on promoting sustainable energy technologies. During the day each of the nine companies held a presentation. Apart from that the companies was able to showcase their environmentally friendly technologies such as solar energy, water cleaning mechanism and biogas at small stands.
    Creating environmentally friendly technology is something Denmark is good at. “Denmark is very strong in the area of sustainable energy. Both in terms of Technology and expertise”, said Danish Ambassador to Thailand Michaels Sternberg in his speech. Though the Partnership Facility Programme Danish companies aim at transferring their know-how and expertice to Thai companies in order to ensure a more sustainable environmen.
    “The programme is not only about implementing green and efficient technology in Thailand but also to make sure that they work after the implementation”, said Michael Sternberg.
     However, during to the rapid development in Thailand, the country is now ready to manage on its own. “Thailand has developed into becoming a lower middle income country. This is why Danida is facing out its projects here”, said Michael Sternberg. The current partnerships will continue, but there will not be any new ones.
    Michaels Sternberg still encourages new partnership Denmark and Thailand in order in order to create environmentally friendly solutions on commercial term.
    During the breaks the businessmen could enjoy their showcasing and networking sessions to the tones of instruments made from recycled materials and performed by children from Petchabury.

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