Result of Unofficial Election by Danes Abroad

A head of the up coming election in Denmark on November 13th, Danes World Wide has held an unofficial election to see how the political picture would appear in Denmark according to Danes who live abroad.
    According to Danes Aroad the Liberals would win the election with 33 per cent of the voters followed by The Conservative Peoples Party with 18 per cent. The new Danish party New Alliance would obtain 12.7 per cent sharply followed by the Social Democrats with 11.3 per cent. The rest of the votes would be distributed in the following way.

Social Liberal Party 10.5%
Danish People’s Party 5.4%
Socialist People’s Party 5.1%
The Christian Democrats 0.8%
Undecided 1%

Danes World Wide has in addition to the test election started a debate about whether Danes living abroad should have the right to vote or not. Contributions to the debate can be found at

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