Vietnamese Modern Dance Competition Funded by Danish Embassy

At the Vietnamese modern dance competition November 14, 2007 a prize of 3000 USD was awarded to the winner, who was chosen by the audience, who had seven talented Vietnamese choreographers to choose between. The talent prize is funded by the Cultural Development and Exchange Fund, established by the Danish embassy.
The winner of the 3000 USD was the three choreographers and dancers Anh Duc, Van Hien and Thi Ngoc from Vietnam Music and Dance Theater. The prize should be seen as an encouragement for the talented choreographers to invest in creating new dances and improve their career.
They performed a 12 minutes long show called “Three entities”. The piece is inspired from the moment, the dancers had to bid farewell to a respectable teacher, when reaching his retirement age.
In the piece the dancers want to find out what is deeply sheltered in every person and in their relations.
The objective of the talent prize 2007, funded by the Danish Cultural Development and Exchange Fund, is “an arts prize for a talented Vietnamese artist (under the age of 35) established and a prize-winner announced once every year.”
By this award, the Cultural Development and Exchange Fund wishes to support and promote the modern dance genre and to give experimenting choreographers a chance to win acknowledgement of their talent.
When the theme of the talent prize was launched in a press conference in June, the journalists at the press conference were mostly concerned about the unconventional approach of giving the audience the right to decide the prize winner.
“We highly appreciate diversity of opinions. We should trust the audience. I believe that art is by the people and for the people” – stressed the Danish Ambassador.

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