Finnish Man Arrested on Robbery Charge in Thailand

On November 27, 2007 Thailand’s 191 Special Branch Police and Interpol cooperated to arrest a Finnish robber, Juha Pekka, who was on a Finnish police most-wanted list as part of a gang which robbed an armoured car of the 4GS Company in Finland earlier this year.
Juha Pekka, 37, and his gang held up a 4GS company car at Turku, Finland, on February 17 and escaped with 1 million Euro (about Bt60 million), according to Deputy Commander of the Metropolitan Police Bureau Pol. Maj-Gen. Witthaya Kosiyasathit.
The same gang attempted to rob another armoured car of4GS on October 31, but failed and some of his gang were arrested by the Finnish authorities.
Mr. Pekka escaped, according to Finnish police, and entered Thailand where he took refuge in Pattaya, but Finland requested the cooperation from Interpol and the Royal Thai Police to arrest him.
He admitted being part of the gang that robbed the armoured car, but said he did not want to do it again. Fearing arrest he fled to Thailand on October 28, and learned after entering Thailand for four days that the gang had failed in its succeeding robbery attempt,  with some of the group being arrested.
Gen. Witthaya said Mr. Pekka had entered Thailand legally but overstayed in the kingdom and would be prosecuted for that before being extradited to Finland.

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