Denmark’s C.P. Moller to Design Solar Cell Plant for EUR 3 Billion in Singapore

Danish architect firm C.P. Møller has been elected to design the world’s largest solar cell factory by the Norwegian solar energy company REC (Renewable Energy Corporation) in Singapore.
It is a project to EUR 3 billion and the factory which is to be located in Singapore is to be designed in collaboration with Norconsult.
“We are extremely proud of having been selected for the project. Sustainability is a central element in C.F. Møller’s work and we are looking forward to participating in the development of a new sustainable technology. Environment and resource consciousness is a significant part of our present and future work and we bring this overall consideration into our projects,” announces partner Lars Kirkegaard to Børsen Business Daily.
C.F. Møller was one of the first Danish drawing offices that started environmentally correct design and the company has designed projects among others the wind power industry since the 1990s.
The factory in Singapore will be finalised in several stages. The stage on which C.F. Møller is consultant is for 80,000 square metres. Altogether 300,000 square metres are to be constructed between 2008-2015.

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