Bandidos Member Kim Lindegaard Nielsen Free in Three Weeks

News broadcast by Thai television said on Thursday that all major charges has been dropped against Danish Kim Lindegaard Nielsen because the police did not have sufficient evidence. Kim Lindegaard Nielsen was instead sentenced eighteen months for threatening another person to traffic in drugs. Kim Lindegaard Nielsen has so far been held in police custody for little more than seventeen months without being allowed release against bail, so in another three weeks he will be released.
The failure of the Thai public prosecutor to put a case together against Kim Lindegaard Nielsen with the insufficient evidence provided by the Thai police may have consequences for the cooperation between the Danish and the Thai police because the Thai police acted after four years of instruction by the Danish police in everything related to Bandidos and other MC gangs.
The arrest took place with the participation of Danish police officers. Danish police also helped search the house of the Dane and his neighbour, fellow Bandidos member Peter Buch Rosendahl and helped interpret the findings. Shortly afther the high profile arrest in July 2006, which was carried out as a big media show with the involvement of 100 special force policemen, a big group of Thai police officers flew to Denmark to get help in putting their case together.


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