Norway is Looking for New Contact in Laos

From August 2008 Sweden is closing down its embassy in Laos. Because Norway does not have a representation in Laos, Sweden has so far been taking care of daily visa issues and consular cases for Norwegians citizens as well as for the other Nordic countries. Norway will now have to look for other possible solutions.
    “We have had good help from the Swedish Embassy in Vientiane, when it comes to visa cases and other issues,” says H. E Mr. Kjell Storløkken, Ambassador of Norway to Vietnam. As Laos is accredited to the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Hanoi, he is now investigation other options for Norwegian citizens.
    “We are going to start a discussion with our Nordic colleges about how to handle this situation and which agreement we are going to find,” says Kjell Storløkken. But at the moment nothing is decided upon.
    Although the number of Norwegian residents in Laos only is about 20, Kjell Storløkken still sees the importance of a contact point in Vientiane. “There is an increase in the number of Norwegian tourist in Laos,” he says. “And we are very concerned that both the Norwegians residents and tourists will continue to have a great service,” he ascertains.
    The Embassy of Sweden Vientiane is closing down as a result of the Swedish government’s decision to stop develops aid to Laos.

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