Swedish King Presented Royal Medals to Four Swedes for Tsunami Service in South East Asia

King Carl XVI Gustaf is to present medals to four Swedes for their service during the 2004 tsunami disaster in South East Asia, in which more than 500 Swedes were among the dead.The medals, to be awarded at a ceremony at Stockholm’s Royal Palace on January 29, 2008 are known as H.M. the King’s Medal.
The four to receive the honour are diplomat Christer Asp, who worked at the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok at the time, Jonas Hafström, Sweden’s then-ambassador to Thailand, Stig Edqvist, who led the Swedish police’s commission to identify Swedish victims and Lottie Knutson, information director of travel company Fritidsresor.
“This is really overwhelming, unexpected and naturally very pleasing,” said Knutson, who was widely credited with bringing public and government attention to the plight of Swedish tourists stranded in Thailand.
The tsunami-related medals are among 30 to be awarded to people who have contributed to the life of the nation. Three categories of medal – the Seraphim Medal, H.M. the King’s Medal and the Litteris et Artibus Medal – are awarded twice yearly on the king’s name days – Carl Day on 28th January and Gustaf Day on 6th June.

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