A Danish Tourist Has Gone Missing in Phuket, Thailand

A Danish tourist Henrik Rasmusen, 47, who was last seen at about 10:30 pm on Febuary 3, 2008 at the Royal Paradise Hotel has been gone missing. Mr Rasmusen is tall, slim, has gray hair and a light gray beard and mustache. He also has a mental disability
Anyone with information that may help locate Mr Rasmusen is urged to contact his cousin, Helen Soerenson, who is staying at the Bel Aire Resort in Patong (Tel: 076-296600). Her Danish mobile phone number is (45) 3165 1660.

Mrs Soerenson’s husband, Henrik, can be contacted by calling (45) 3092 3501.

Alternatively, call Katja Pregaard at 081-4150217, or, for Thai language only, call K. Noi at 089-847 5941.

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