Sweden’s Tetra Pak See Thai Consumers As a Challenge to Packaging Industry

According to a research by the Swedish packaging company, Tetra Pak, Thai consumers represent a challenge to the packaging industry because they focus heavily on high quality and attractive design.
In particular, Thai consumers demand high-quality dairy product packaging that conveys freshness, food safety and environmental friendliness, moreso than their peers in other countries, said Anders Pernqvist, the marketing and product manager of Tetra Pak (Thai).
As a result, the company focuses on jointly developing designs and innovations with its local clients, mostly food and beverage manufacturers.
”Design doesn’t mean only attractive looks,” said Mr Pernqvist. ”The quality of packaging to contain the real taste and freshness of food and drinks will be one of the keys to creating product loyalty among Thai consumers.”
Tetra Pak is the local market leader in food and beverage packaging, in particular dairy products in Thailand, with 35 clients in the sector.
”The main challenge of the Thai market is how to maintain product life cycles, which normally decline shortly after their launches,” he said. ”[Thai consumers] are mainly ‘food adventurers’ but their interest in new products ends very soon.
”Tetra Pak also needs to conduct research and development to create new products to serve specific needs of local markets.”
Tetra Pak is also interested in distributing product-filling machines and other equipment as well as raw materials for producing packaging to kraft paper packaging producers in Thailand.
The beverage market in Thailand in 2006 was worth 47.7 billion baht. Of the total, dairy products accounted for 52%.
Tetra Pak reported consolidated sales revenue of 8.53 billion euros in 2006. The group operates in 165 markets and has more than 20,000 employees

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