Filipino Nurses Coming to Finland are Asked to Pay Illegal Fees

Finland is looking to the Philippines to help fill growing gaps in the Finnish health care system. However, a Finnish news agency YLE has learned that nurses applying for jobs in Finland have been asked to pay thousands of euros in illegal fees.
YLE has discovered that a Philippine organisation, which is a partner to the Finnish recruiter Opteam, has been demanding that job applicants pay thousands of euros in so-called commission fees before they are accepted for the job.
YLE contacted Opteam’s assistant director, Mika Eskola, who said that they are terminating the partnership with the Philippine company on Febuary 12, 2008. Opteam is looking for a new partner to help recruit Philippine nurses.
Even so, the discovery of these illegal fees will not hinder the first group of Philippine nurses recruited by the company from arriving in Finland by the end of March.

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