Scandinavian destinations promoted in Thailand

The Scandinavian Tourism Board held the first in a series of workshops promoting Scandinavian destinations to Asian tourists on Wednesday 20th of this month.
The Norwegian ‘fjorde’ and ‘Wonderful Copenhagen’ amongst others must become coveted destinations for Asian tourists in the future. That is one of the goals of the workshops held by the Scandinavian Tourist Board.
Every year almost one million Scandinavians travel to Thailand, but in comparison, the number of Thai people visiting Scandinavia is only about a tenth of that.
“Scandinavia and Thailand have a lot in common”, says General Manager for Real Travel Solution (RTS), Sahanop Detya:
“For instance our monarchies. The Thai people are very connected to the royal family, and last year we celebrated the centennial anniversary of the Thai king’s visit to Scandinavia. So naturally, the Thai people want to follow in his footsteps and visit Scandinavia”, he says.
Søren Leerskov, Managing Director for the Scandinavian Tourist Board in Asia and the Pacific is one of the persons behind the workshop:
“The potential for Asian travel to Scandinavia is so much bigger, than the level it is maintaining right now. Both in the tourism sector but also in the business sector”, he says.
The workshop was attended by a range of different tourism agencies from Scandinavia as well as more than 50 private Thais with a dream to visit Scandinavia. The two hour workshop was followed by a lunch buffet in the beautiful surroundings of the Grande Sukhumvit 3rd floor dining parlour.
The workshop will be visiting Taipei in Taiwan and Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou in China from the 22nd to the 28th of February.









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