Praise to Dhafer Youssef and his Norwegian band

Tunisian oud player and vocalist Dhafer Youssef and his Norwegian backing band received massive praise for their performance at the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival on Sunday 10 March. An oud is a stringed instrument resembling the European lute.
Backed by world class Norwegian guitarist Eivind Aarset and top Norwegian electronic nu-jazz musicians Rune Arnesen and Rune Erlien, Tunisian wonder Dhafer
Youssef received great reviews in the media after their concert at the Java Jazz Festival on 10 march.
The Jakarta Post went all out and and praised the Tunisian musician for his mystical and personal form of “Sufi-flavoured Jazz”. “His performance rekindled the mood of the jazz enthusiasts who were ironically a bit bored with the same old kind of jazz performed in the festival”, The Jakarta Post wrote.

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