Danish Man Robbed And Stabbed In Jomtien

On The Last Day of the Biggest Thai Festival, The Songkran, The Dane, Jorgen Christian Rasmussen, 63, was robbed and stabbed, on his way back home after spending an afternoon on the beach. He was severely injured. Rescue team immediately took him to a hospital for treatment.
Mr. Rasmussen had spent his afternoon time, alone, on Na Jomtien beach, and on his way back, he was walking along the road to the main road Sukumwit, intended to get a transportation to go back home.
Suddenly, when he was near the Pinnacle Hotel, in Soi Na Jomtien 8, out of nowhere, two motorcycle bandits roared up to his right-hand side, the man in the pillion got off the motorbike and attempted to rob him. The Dane yelled out for help and was then stabbed on his chest. Mr. Rasmussen fell down on the ground, the robber then cruelly stabbed on his back twice before changing his shirt, in prevention of being recognized. He got back on the motorbike and the rider sped away, heading to Pattaya, writes The Pattaya Daily Mail.
After being notified of the attempted robbery, police team rushed to the scene to find Mr. Rasmussen was lying in a pool of blood in the middle of the Soi. He was bleeding constantly as he had been stabbed two times on his back and one time on his left chest. Rescue team gave him the first aid, and rushed him to nearest International Hospital.
Pol.Lt.Col. Jaruen revealed to the local website, that the thieves might have been waiting for the victim around the beach area. They were noticed, that the victim was alone; they then followed him to rob. Luckily the victim was not killed but severely injured. However, police has had the confidence to arrest the thieves soon.
Mr. Jorgen Christian Rasmussen is seriously wounded, but his condition is stable.
The Danish ministries of Foreign affairs have no knowledge to the incident, and can therefore not comment on the citizen’s conditions.


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