Swedish Man Gone Missing After A Swim In Thailand

A man from the Swedish town of Kalmar, just wanted to take a swim Sunday, 27 April 2008. But he never came back to his hotel in Khanom in the southern part of Thailand, according to the website Barometern.
The Swedish citizen stayed in a hotel close to Khanom, near to Surat Thani. And despite warnings from the hotel staff, he decided against the local people, and jumped into the ocean.
When he did not come back after half an hour, the staff started searching for their guest.
Tuesday, 29 April, a Search started for missing Swede on the beaches in the area. To day, 1 May, the Coastguard of Thailand has been involved in the search.
”The embassy in Thailand is in contact with the local police, who is searching for the man, but we haven’t got any news yet”, the spokesman from the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tobias Nilsson, say to the news agency TT.
According to the website Barometern, the man planned to stay in Thailand for three months.


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