Young Indonesian Mother’s Death In Norway Considered A Murder Case

An Indonesian woman in her late twenties has been found dead in her home in Jeloy, Moss in Norway. Her husband, 27, is charged for leaving her in a helpless condition.
The local police got the call about the young woman’s death around 10 am, local Norwegian time, May, 1. And they consider the case as very suspicious.
The couple had no children together, but the late Indonesian has a child back home in Indonesia. The child is attending school, and according to neighbours, the plan was thet the child should join the couple in Jeloy at a later date.
The couple met each other in Singapore in 2007, and according to sources the Norwegian daily Moss Avis talked to, they got married around Christmas time same year, and the woman followed her husband to Norway.
The husband is a Norwegian citizen, and he has lived in the apartment where his wife died for more than 18 months…
The criminal department at the Norwegian police, Kripos, is involved in the investigation, and they entered the apartment in the late afternoon.
None of the people living in the apartment close by have heard any unusual noise the night before.
One of the neighbours may have heard some loud music, but its not clear witch apartment the noise came from.
According to, it was the husband who called the police him self.
The police deny to deliver any statements at the moment.

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