Viking Wheelers in Khao Yai

By Hans Henrik Melchior

15 Adults and 3 children joined the Viking Wheelers weekend arrangement in Khao Yai on May 3 and 4, out of which 12.5 participated in the bike rides. Morten Luxhoi from Eco Valley Lodge, where the team stayed, had planned the routes, which took the team through the very scenic areas at the foothills north of the Khao Yai Park.

On Saturday the team cycled 63 km on good paved side roads in the area east of HW 2090 through farmland, and cozy villages with friendly people waving and cheering the riders on.  The team also passed viewpoints with magnificent views of the valleys and hills in the area.  There was several energy draining hills on this ride.
The team was back in Eco Valley Lodge in time for a late frikadelle lunch with potato salad, which everybody enjoyed before a relaxing afternoon by and in the pool.
Saturday evening Morten had arranged a formidable steak-dinner with steaks imported from Argentina and provided at a favorable price by Arne Christensen from Scanfoods.  A wonderful dinner in Eco Valley Lodge’s terrace restaurant.

The Sunday ride was only 47 km and the team cycled westwards from resort on un-paved roads during the first part of the ride into the valley.  The destination of this ride was the White Buddha, mostly through farmland on scenic side road.  One of the benefits of joining the Viking Wheelers tours is that you get the opportunity to visit areas you would otherwise not see.
Another fantastic Viking Wheelers event with the usual splendiferous fellowship.
Viking Wheelers are still cycling almost every Saturday, mostly in the Bangkachao area on the peninsula opposite Klong Toey Port.  Visit the team website for more information.

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