Young Swede Found Dead In Bali

Over a month has passed since a 23-year-old man from
Sundsvall went missing in Bali. On Tuesday, they had relatives know that he had
been found drowned on the island.
    The dead body was found on 7 april, but first on Tuesday was
the identification ready. It was then clear that the body actually belonged to
a lost 23 year old, and that he had died by drowning. The relatives were
    ”We do not know if the Indonesian police suspect a crime”
said Petra Hansson at UD’s (ministry of foreign affairs) Press Office to
    The man disappeared on 3 april 2008. He had an appointment
to meet his freinds at the their arrival in the airport
    ”But he never came to the meeting with friends”, said Petra
    The same day that the man’s relatives notified the man
disappeared, the search was also supported by Interpol”, said Hansson. She
points out that the Swedish Embassy in Jakarta has been very active in helping
to find out what had happened to the missing. The fact is that the “turned
on each stone.”
    ”Now, we want to assist the families in the best possible
way. The ministry of foreign affairs is helping with repatriation. But first may
have its grief.
    It was the Swedish police who, during a home visits made the
heavy news to the young man’s relatives.





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