Prosecution Delayed After The Murder Of A Swedish Female Tourist In Phuket

The man suspected of the murder of Hanna Bäcklund has not yet been indicted. The reason is a DNA investigation, which is dragging on, writes Västerbottens-Folkblad.
    It was in March as Hanna Bäcklund was found murdered on the beach in Phuket. A few days later Akradej Tanke was arrested as the suspect. He confessed to the crime.
    However, despite the fact that it is now gone two months since the deed the prosecution is a long time coming.
    ”The man is still detained and the police investigation is ongoing. I asked a question last week and received the reply that the police are awaiting DNA results”, says Christina Palm, Consul General in Phuket, to VF.
    The police in Phuket deal with the investigation of DNA analysis performed elsewhere in the country.
    ”The police found among other things, a knife suspected to be the murder weapon and sent off for DNA analysis”, says Christina Palm to VF.

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