Phuket: Bäcklunds DNA Was Found On The Suspect

The police have now secured DNA from Hanna Bäcklund on the
suspected murderer Akradej Tanke.
    The police in Phuket confirms that the suspected murderer
carried Hannas DNA.
    The man has previously admitted the murder of the Swede, who
was found murdered on the beach in Phuket.
    19 March 2008, the local police recognised the murder of
Hanna March 18, 2008. More than one hundred police officers chased the man
during the night March 18, 2008. The father of a small child was hunted for the
murder of Hanna 15 March 2008.
    The charges against the man who is suspected of the murder
of Swedish Hanna Bäcklund has dragged on while waiting for the DNA samples
taken. Thursday May 15, 2008 came the response to DNA tests – which show that
Akradej Tanke can be tied to the murder.
    According to the police in Phuket, the Bäcklund DNA was found
on the suspect.
    The police in Bangkok had secured DNA from both the suspected
murder weapon, from the suspect’s clothing and from the victim’s nails.



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