Danish Woman Runs The Largest Primate Rescue Project In The World

A group of young orangutans have been given a second chance
at living in the wild, thanks to the hard work of a former air-stewardess.
    The primates were driven from rainforests in Borneo after
logging and forest fires destroyed their habitat.
    Lone Dröscher Nielsen began working with the apes as a
volunteer while she was a flight attendant with SAS. In 1999 she
founded the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rehabilitation Project in Indonesia, which
has become the largest primate rescue project in the world.
    Over the weeks we see gentle Cha Cha struggle without human
attention while boisterous Compost adapts easily to independent life. There is
high drama when an intruding orangutan kidnaps Jasmine, leading to a daring
rescue by the other youngsters, and tragedy strikes when one of the primates


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