Arne Christensen Buys Scanmach Asia and Scanmach Vietnam

Former manager for Scanmach Asia, Arne Christensen, is buying Scanmach Asia and Scanmach Vietnam after Danish wood industry company Junge A/S has decided to bow out and concentrate on the markets in its near proximity.
Arne Christensen officially took over the companies the 1st of January of this year, but it was not until yesterday, May 20th, that the legal papers were finalized. As of yesterday, the two companies will also go by the name Scanmach Group.
Arne Christensen will continue the good work he started, when he came to work at Scanmach Asia in Thailand two years ago, and he is very content with his new position:
”I am very happy about this. I have a good feeling about the future of the companies, and during the past couple of years, we have build up good customer relations and good supplier relations, and that is something we can build on,” the new owner of the companies says.
Since Scanmach Asia opened up in Thailand five years ago, the company has concentrated on selling used machinery for the wood industry, imported from Europe, but in the future, Arne Christensen hopes that he can also deliver new machines from Europe, as well as tools for the machines and service and maintenance.
Arne Christensen will remain in contact with Junge A/S in Denmark, as he has offered CEO of CFP Group A/S (the Group which Junge A/S is a part of), Jesper Malling Petersen, a post on the Scanmach Group Advisory Board. Jesper Malling Petersen has accepted.
The continuing contact to Junge A/S is a great comfort to the new self-employed business man, Arne Christensen, as he says: ”It is nice to know that I can always contact my former colleagues from Junge A/S in Denmark and draw on their experience and expertise.” 


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