20 Recycling Shops To Get Funding From Sweden

eligible refrigerator and car repair and supply shops here and in La Trinidad
will be issued financial assistance from the World Bank and the Swedish
International Development Cooperation Agency to recycle ozone-damaging
chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).
    The cash
assistance will be given to qualified service enterprises for them to acquire
tools and equipment for the proper recovery and subsequent recycling of CFCs.
    Among these
tools and equipment are portable leak detectors, recovery and recycling
machines, vacuum pump and meters, electronic weighing scales, nitrogen
regulators with gauges, and electronic thermometers.
chosen CFC recycling shops must be duly registered with any government agency
like the Department of Trade and Industry and employ Technical Education and
Skills Development Authority-certified technicians.
    The program
is being implemented in cooperation with the Land Bank of the Philippines and
with assistance from the Montreal Protocol’s Multilateral Fund through the
World Bank and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.
to the EMB, about 75 percent of the total CFC consumption in the country is
consumed by the service sector, of which almost half is used to service car
air-conditioning systems while 26 percent goes to the servicing of household
refrigerators and air-conditioners.
    By year
2010, the Philippines is expected to have completely phased out the importation
and the use of CFCs in the service and manufacturing sectors.
    The program
is also part of the bureau’s mandate to begin pilot testing alternative methods
and practices which in the long term will redound to the aim of providing clean
air for the people.


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