Sweden Support Sustainable Development In Vietnam

A seminar
entitled ‘Climate change and sustainable development in Vietnam‘ was held in Hanoi
on May 25 to discuss climate change issues in Vietnam and the world at large.

seminar, held by the National Assembly’s Committee for Science, Technology and
Environment, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the
International Union for Conservation of Nature, and the Swedish International
Development Cooperation Agency, aimed to seek activities to protect the world
from dangers caused by global climate change.

    “There is
still a lot of things in the draft programme that need to be discussed as this
is a big issue which involved in many sectors,” said Minister of Natural
Resources and Environment. He noted that dealing with climate change and rising
sea water is not only new for Vietnam
but also many other countries in the world.

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE) is devising a national
programme to cope with climate change and rising sea water in Vietnam to be
submitted to the National Assembly (NA) at the fourth session, said Mr Nguyen.

Vietnam is
the second among the top five nations in the world facing dangers caused by
climate change and rising sea water, he said, emphasising that the Red River
delta and the Mekong delta will have to suffer the heaviest consequences.

Chairman of the National Assembly Committee for Science, Technology and
Environment Nghiem Vu Khai confirmed that effects of climate change on Vietnam have
become clearer.

storms, floods and droughts have become fiercer while coastal low land areas
are on the verge of being submerged and the Mekong delta, the country’s biggest
rice granary, is being intruded by sea water, he elaborated.


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