ClarITy: A new member of the Danish Thai Chamber of Commerce

“Honesty is important – being down-to-earth is what we stand for”

By: Joan Brasholt Larsen 

Clarity IT is an experienced provider of IT services and solutions for International businesses located near BTS Ploen Chit Station, Bangkok. Mr. Richard Burnett, Manager Director and Mikkel Larsen, General Manager of Clarity have kindly invited me to their office to learn more about the founding of ClarITy and how personal relations are highly important in terms of doing business.
The foundation of ClarITy
ClarITy was originally initiated by two projects, one of which was a voice internet based voice calling service and selling the concept to the business environment. However, the business environment did not seem ready at the time to adapt this system, and after a small detour ClarITy found its right direction four years ago, when it went back to its roots, IT services and support. The company name ClarITy originated from the idea about calling with a clear sound. It was kept as company name as the word clarity has different meanings. Clarity in terms of talking to people and in terms of the solutions the company provides. Clarity is an important value in ClarITy’s way of doing business, external as well as internal.
“Treat your customer as you treat your staff, because if you look after your staff they look after you. Be fair and honest with people, and I hope that that reflects in what we do,” says Mr. Richard Burnett, Managing Director.
ClarITy and values
When company values come into discussion the answer is clear:
“Give the people what they want. Don’t mess them around – and be honest if there is a problem,” says Mr. Richard Burnett.
This attitude towards customer’s needs is the general culture of ClarITy as the needs of the staff are highly important as well. ClarITy has 15 employees, which mainly consist of Thai people, a British Managing Director and a Danish General Manager. Even though cultural differences exist within the company, the members of the staff are considered as one big family. On a frequently basis ClarITy has social events, where bonds are made, which are important for the company culture. “It is important to know their culture and desire, in order to know how to treat them. Making them feel like they are a part of the process and it is much easier to achieve what you want,” says Mr. Richard about staff politics. A perspective of leadership, where hierarchy is minimized and human knowledge is a keyword.
Personal relations in general are of high importance to ClarITy.  On a customer base, advertising can be fruitful, but the concept “worth of mouth” and personal relations seem to have been part of the success of ClarITy. Every year, since it was established four years ago, the company has increased by 33-40 %. And as Mikkel Larsen, General Manager, says;
“We have never had a customer leaving us because they were unhappy.”

ClarITy offers IT solutions and services including; IT Maintenance/Support, IT Sales, Networking, Programming, Web Design and E-commerce, Internet Consulting, PBX Solutions, and very Low cost International Internet calling systems.


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