IndoChine opens luxury resort in Thailand

The Singapore-based company IndoChine Group has partnered with Villa Santi in Phuket, a newly established luxury resort and villa development. Opening its doors in May 2008, the resort seems destined to match the state-of-the-art standard that the Groups bars, restaurants and night clubs in both Asia and Europe are famous for.
“I went to Phuket with my husband to see a piece of land. The whole island is beautiful, but this spot had a spectacular view over Patong Bay and an exclusive location on a hill side that was really special. It was serene and my first thought was:” This is the perfect place to relax, enjoy a nice meal and a nice drink with some nice people.” After all, that is what is important to most Scandinavians”, Camilla Hall says.
Thailand is special to usShe is Swedish, has been living and working in Asia for several years, and is now the director of marketing for IndoChine Group, a successful bar, restaurant and club concept in Singapore with venues both in Asia and Europe. And incidentally, she is also married to Michael Ma, the founder of IndoChine. As part of the company’s growth strategy, they wanted to extend their strong brand of high end play ground to the hospitality and hotel business.
Camilla explains that Thailand is special to both her and her husband. “My father-in-law is Thai and for us, Thailand is our second home. At the same time, we saw a huge potential in Phuket. There is plenty of tourism there, but as a luxury destination for the global in-crowd, there is a gap. We wanted to create a place where this particular community can come to unwind, relax and have a good time.”

A luxury lifestyle resort
In December 2007, IndoChine Group signed a partnership with Villa Santi, a luxury resort and villa development, and the Phuket resort will open its doors in May 2008. IndoChine Group will contribute to the partnership with marketing and providing of logistic support.
“As we are already in the business of restaurants, clubs and bars and doing it successfully our natural organic growth is to expand into hotel and resort management,” explains Michael Ma, CEO of the IndoChine Group. “IndoChine established itself on its ability to deliver high profile events and attract high profile clients, and we are taking this to the next level with our partnership with Villa Santi”.
The two partners have combined their efforts to create a luxury lifestyle resort.

Santi means peace
IndoChine Villa Santi can be found on Kalim Beach just North of Patong Beach, the most popular beach strip on Phuket. Built climbing up a hillside to take full advantage of the uninterrupted sea views over Kalim and across Patong Bay with its white sand beach, shopping and nightlife, guests can choose between the peace and serenity of Indochine Villa Santi, using the proximity to Patong as an extra spice. There are 64 properties at the resort, including 20 spa villas, 19 apartment suites, 6 residences, 11 Gaya studios, and 8 Sky Pavilions. Villa Santi also offers a health and fitness center, tennis and squash courts, and a spa.
A three-story glass structure will house the resort’s all-day dining and entertainment complex, featuring a gourmet delicatessen, Bar Opiume with tapas-style food and the third floor roof-top terrace where Indochine’s signature dining concept, IndoChine Waterfront, will be serving up dishes from Viet Nam, Cambodia and Laos.
Camilla compares Villa Santi to the stylish Swedish jet set hide-out Baastad or unique luxury retreats found in Southern Europe. “It is great when you can combine to fully relax and recharge with the option of being entertained. And for our local and international guests, Villa Santi offers just that.”


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