Swedish Syntensia Expand In Cambodia And The Philippines

Syntensia AB has secured financing of $3.5
million with an option for an additional $4 million through a share issue
directed to InnovationsKapital, a Nordic venture capital firm, and a group of
private investors in Sweden
and abroad. Syntensia chairman is John Wattin.
headquartered in Stockholm and with sales
offices in twenty major cities in Philippines,
Cambodia, and India was
established in 2005 by Kaushik Thakkar. It focuses on providing all-in-one
network security solutions for SMB in high growth emerging markets.
investment allows Syntensia to continue our solid growth in India and our expansion in Cambodia and the Philippines“, said Syntensia
CEO Johan Hansson. “It also makes possible expansion into other Asian
markets. We are particularly pleased to have attracted the support of
InnovationsKapital, which has a reputation for backing innovative growth
companies in Scandinavia“.
is capitalizing on the powerful combination of a low cost, high demand product
offering to fast growing markets. We are very pleased with our investment in
Syntensia and feel very excited about the company’s potential”, said
InnovationsKapital’s Investment Director Magnus Berglind.
WK product series is the most cost-effective and comprehensive network security
solution for SMB available in the market today. These hardware-based appliances
are Plug and Play ready, all-in-one network security solutions that integrate
seven crucial security check points – Firewall, VPN, Intrusion Protection, Anti
Virus, Spam Elimination, Surf Protection and Spyware Guarding and are available
for a nominal subscription fee.
subscription model typically bundles everything into its single subscription
fee, including automatic updates, maintenance and 24X7 technical support, thus
enabling organizations to eliminate upfront costs, providing a predictable cost
structure, and ensuring quality of service and the freedom to re-evaluate the
solution decision any time.


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