Saving With Electronic Transactions

Paying your bills ­electronically may just help you save a few trees and plug that hole in your wallet due to rising energy prices.
    Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia, Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akthar Aziz said ­electronic payments via mobile phones or the Internet can be one of the strategic tools to achieve better economic growth.
    “Increasing efficiency and ­adopting new business processes need to be explored to reduce costs,” she said in her keynote address at the inaugural Mobile Digital Signature Symposium 2008 organised by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (SKMM).
    To calm people’s fears, Juha Mitrunen, co-founder of Valimo wireless, which is a Finland-based mobile digital signature ­solutions provider, said parties that want to introduce electronic transactions have to assure consumers that their personal data is safe and will not be used illegally.
    “You need to get people to ­understand that a subscription and identity are different things. The subscription to a service is the ­responsibility of the provider but you will always get to keep your personal data safe,” he said, adding that when this ­understanding is achieved, it will be easier to push for ­electronic transactions.

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