Swedish Diver Missing In The Waters Near Bali

A Swedish
woman is reported missing in the waters off the island
of Komodo in Indonesia. She
and her diving group are believed to have been taken away by the undercurrent.
    The Swede
and the other four in the group, a French man, a British man and two British women
went missing on Thursday in the dangerous waters off the Komodo
National Park in Nusa Tenggara islands
east of Bali, according to police.
    “The only
thing we know is that it is an American woman who disappeared during diving
excursions in Bali. At the moment, we know
neither the age or where in Sweden
she is resident, said Teo Zetterman, the foreign affairs press office.
excursion was arranged on Thursday by a diving centre based on the neighbouring
island of Flores. The divers were divided into two
groups. The fact that Swedes group was missing was discovered only when the
second group would go on board after an hour in the sea.
Lewandowski who operates the diving centre, and whose wife led the missing group,
were looking with increasing desperation along the beaches in the hope that the
group had washed ashore.
    “Time is
absolutely critical now. It is terribly hot out here”.
navy has, together with the police launched a major rescue operation
    “A civil
protection force by the Indonesian police and navy searched this morning after
the five missing foreigners, but so far without results”, said the local police
chief Butje Hello.
of one of the missing British women said that rescue operation turned more
difficult because the aircraft that rescue workers have were short of fuel.
     The waters
where the five divers last were seen are known for their spectacular coral
reefs, but also for their hazardous undercurrent. In just a few hours, the current
can carry a diver several miles away.

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