Vietnam’s Anti-corruption On Right Track

at the Swedish Embassy in Hanoi Molly Lien said that Vietnam has acknowledged challenges
facing the country in administrative reform – one of important measures in
stamping out corruption.
    She said
that these challenges, which other countries share in administrative reforms,
include wiping out bureaucracy, simplifying administrative procedures and
applying e-management in anti-corruption tasks.
    The country’s
organisation of an international conference on anti-corruption and
administrative reform in Hanoi
on June 25-26 demonstrated its efforts in this fight, another foreign diplomat
told a Vietnam News Agency correspondent on the sidelines of the workshop.
anti-corruption as a key of development, Vietnam is on a good position to
handle corruption-related issues as the country issued a series of laws and
regulations to create legal foundation for this task, he said, adding that it
signed a United Nations convention on this issue.
    Vietnam’s efforts in this battle have been
demonstrated through recent signings of conventions and memorandums of
understandings on anti-corruption with the UN and the Association of Southeast
Asian Nations (ASEAN).
    The country
also engages in an anti-corruption action plan initiated by the Asian Development
Bank and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and
is an active member of the APEC’s Anti-corruption and Transparency Expert Task
Force (ACT).


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