Norwegian Police Confiscated Passport

A 69-year-old man from Bergen would move to Thailand
together with the mother of the girl he should have molested. Then the police in Norway went into
action, writes Bergenaviserne.
    The case became known in October last year, July 2, 2008 when the suspected
offender was arrested. He was later released, but his passport has been confiscated.
    The city court in Bergen
has ordered him to remain in the country until the trial against him is finally
    In addition to selling his house here, he has already bought a new home in Thailand. The
plan was to move during in the coming autumn.
    “The police got the information’s that he had sold the house, and would move
out of the country”, says police attorney Trond Eide to Bergensavisene.
    “It’s unusual that the police confiscate a passport, and according to
Trond Eide, there has not been any similar case.
    The elderly man was indicted for sex with children less than 14 years of age,
namely the victim’s wife’s daughter, and the assaults had taken place over
several years, both before and after she turned 14.
    The man was kept in custody one month when the case became known last autumn. The
inducements have been extended to sexual intercourse, and the minimal
punishment if he is found guilty is two years in jail.
    The mother still lives together with the offender, and was ready to move to Thailand
with him, is making the issue even extra special.
    The woman has no longer the custody of her own daughter, who has been placed in
foster care.

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