Pattaya: Swedish Tourist Victim Approached By Pickpocket Gang

It seems
the latest craze for thieves is to go around in gangs on baht busses and hone
in on a particular tourist in order to rob them of their valuables, writes Pattaya People.
    It is a classic
scenario, and in this case, which happened on the afternoon of the 11th July,
things went very wrong for two of the gang. 
    Officers were called to the scene on Third Road where the latest victim was 59
year old Swedish tourist, Mr. Nils Nilsson who was approached by 4 lady boys on
the bus, getting up close and getting all lovey-dovey in order to steal the
man’s wallet.
    As they all got off the bus, the Swede realized his wallet was
missing and called out for help.  Other
passengers managed to detain two of the gang until the police arrived.

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