Pattaya Media King Turn 60

No wonder if the Pattaya´s media king Niels Colov has problems with his hand,
after having greeted at least one thousand welcomed guests. The reason was that
the Dane turned 60 on Friday, July 25, 2008.
    Preparations for the huge party at The Town In Town Hotel in Pattaya, Thailand,
have been going on for several months. But no party without guests. Several
thousand guests were invited, and many of the invitees said thanks for the soul
of kindness by meeting up. The majority had followed Niels Colov´s call for
elegant dress.
    And after
standing nicely in the queue, waiting for the possibility to congratulate Niels
Colov, they were welcomed by the host and his family.
    People greeted old friends, smiled to new faces, and enjoyed the everlasting show.

One of the highlights of the party was when Niels Colov’s father in Denmark
gave an in advance recorded speech.
    There is no
doubt that most of the guests are impatient in waiting at Niels Colov’s next
birthday. Until then, They can  nurse the ir momories everytime they see a newspaper, a televisionprogramme, or  listining to a radioshow, all of it under the ambrella called Pattaya People. The man behind it all: Niels Colov.

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