Danish Immigration Puts All Cases On Hold

The Danish Immigration Service is trying to get an overview of the impact of an EU Court ruling this past Friday which might make it easier for families to seek reunification by using EU rules. Meanwhile, the Immigration Service has announced that they will put the processing of all applications on hold until further clarification has been obtained.
    “In all cases where the new ruling may cast doubt on the assessment of an application, we will not refuse the application, but wait for a clarification, in cooperation with Ministry of Integration, writes Director of Udlændingeservice, Henrik Grunnet, in an email to Ritzau.
    One of the obstacles to reunification under EU law is Denmark‘s requirement that the spouse must have permanent residence in another EU country. This requirement can be invalid with Friday’s ruling by the EUs Court of Justice.
    Henrik Grunnet states further that in 2007, 110 applications for reunification were processed based on an earlier EU ruling. Of these applications, 105 were granted residence. The remaining five were rejected.

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