Executive MBA Programme In Shipping, Offshore And Finance

BI Norwegian School of Management is launching a new Executive MBA in Shipping, Offshore and Finance. Former President of both the International Institute for Management in Switzerland and BI Norwegian School of Management, professor Peter Lorange – who currently holds a post as professor II at BI – will be responsible for parts of the programme’s academic content.
    The MBA programme is a collaboration between BI Norwegian School of Management and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and will start in January 2009.
    ”For the first time ever, we will be offering a global senior management programme directed towards the shipping and offshore industry. The programme is part of our international commitment. The objective is to become a leading, global player in shipping and offshore education,” says Jens Petter Tøndel, Executive Vice President Individual Programmes.
    ”There is an acute demand for new employees in his industry and it is highly competitive. It must always endeavour to employ the brightest minds, keep them and ensure that they remain the best. This programme will combine the very latest research and theory with practical management skills,” says Tøndel.
    When developing new programmes, we always maintain close links with business and industry. An important role for this programme will be played by the Advisory Board comprised of leaders from the industry. They will function as advisors and guest lecturers and make sure that the contents of the programme is relevant to the shipping and offshore industry.
    In addition to Peter Lorange being academically responsible for parts of the programme, Professor and former President of BI Norwegian School of Management, Torger Reve, will play an important professional role. Reve currently heads the Maritime Competitiveness Research Centre at BI and holds the Wilhelmsen Chair. The Nanyang University will provide equally prominent academic resources.
    “Our collaboration with the Nanyang University means that the students will be awarded a double degree and be given a diploma from both schools,” Tøndel concludes.
    Half of the programme to take place in Singapore
    The programme, which consists of six modules each lasting 12 days, will run over 18 months. Half of the programme – three modules – will be taken at the Nanyang University in Singapore. Singapore is considered the shipping capital of the world, and the Singapore authorities have been helping shipping and offshore companies establish a presence in the country for a long time. The Nanyang University has broad expertise in this field, and was ranked as the third-best business school in Asia.
    Who should attend?
    • Ship and offshore owners, the management group and their boards of directors
    • Senior staff in the cargo owning companies
    • Senior financial officers
    • Senior managers who approach the shipping and offshore businesses – suppliers,  customers, shipyards, lawyers,             investors, advisors or consultants.
    • Senior Executives from companies within the shipping and offshore cluster
    • Boards of directors of companies within the maritime cluster
    • Senior Executives of ship financing, ship investment and private equity companies.The programme’s target group is senior and middle managers working within the shipping, petroleum, energy, bank, finance and maritime sectors, but will also be. The MBA programme is highly internationally orientated.

    For more information:
or please contact Kristin Omholt-Jensen +47 46 41 08 54 or Glenn Ruud +47 46 41 00 77

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