Family Reunification: Rejected Couples May Get Compensation

Danish-foreign couples,
who have received incorrect or unclear guidance on family reunification, could
get compensation for the economic losses they have suffered following the wrong
advice on EU laws.
    At least according to several experts on family reunification, writes the
Danish newspaper Politiken.
    According to the experts, citizens have a good case against Denmark because
EU law not only makes it easier to achieve reunification. It also gives citizens
the opportunity to claim compensation from the authorities if they have not
received accurate information about their rights.
    It may have happened in a number of cases from the Danish Immigration Service, and
the Danish Parliament’s Ombudsman is investigating the cases.
    It believes associate professor at the University of Copenhagen
Morten Broberg
    He points out, among other things, that couples probably can prove a direct
link between the state’s violation of its EU legal obligation and the victim’s
economic losses. Several couples have, among other things, terminated their
jobs in Denmark to work for
a longer period than necessary in Malmo,

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