Young Finn Tourist Mystery In Pattaya

On Friday August
1, 2008 a young Finnish man was being held at 
the Tourist Police station on Pratumnak
since he had no money and no recollection of
his hotel or his belongings.
    The man was
21 year old Mr. Mikko Kokki, writes Pattaya People.
    After a
brief investigation it became obvious that the man had either being drugged or
had received a head injury because he did not seem to remember how he had come to
which hotel he was staying in and with whom he had been travelling. The only
thing he could remember was that he had originally come to Thailand with a friend to practice Muay Thai.
    After about
30 minutes Pattaya People finally received information that Mr. Kokki’s father
was boarding a plane in Helsinki
on Friday night Finnish time and would be in Pattaya on Saturday afternoon to
take his son home.
    Mr. Heikkil,
who is the manager of Inner Circle Guesthouse & Bar, in Jomtien Complex
decided to invite the unfortunate young man to stay over night at his hotel
where he was also offered food and drink.
happened to young Mr. Kokki remains a mystery but Pattaya People will follow up
this story since there seems to be more to this story than meets the eye.

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