A Danish And A Vietnamese Man Is Indicted For Hashish Nurseries And Hard Drugs

Vietnamese man charged in large narco trail by the court in the Danish town Odense.
    The Plant that is on the agenda when the court in Odense in the coming months
in detail investigate the case, must consult experts on horticulture, which has
concentrated on a single product – the narcotic substance skunk.
    A Vietnamese man in his late twenties are charged with having managed the
production of large quantities of skunk, which in total is equivalent to 247
kilograms of hashish, but he refuses to be guilty. The case caused a major
police operation in December 2007 when a maximum of five independent
nurseries Fyn, Lolland-Falster and in Jutland
were paid visits by the police.
    It is precisely the calculations on what the production could have resulted in
crop yields that is expected to be a contentious issue during the lengthy
criminal proceedings, which begins 25. august and is expected to carry on until
the November 2008.
    Even hard drugs are included in the indictment, which both target the Vietnamese
and a Danish man. The prosecution is about 4.5 kilograms of cocaine, 1.4
kilograms of heroin and several kilograms of amphetamine. Both men refuse to be

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