Deadly Dengue Fever Raging In Thailand

The mosquitoes
carried virus dengue fever, is raging with massive force in Thailand and Southeast Asia.
In Thailand
especially Koh Samet, Koh Mun and Koh Kodi devastated by dengue fever writes
writes several Scandinavian newspapers in nearly identical articles. This article from gives a general understanding of the issues of dengue fever.
    The latest
official figures from the Thai authorities show that so far 41,307 persons who
are infected with dengue fever this year alone.
    There are
48 reported deaths so far in 2008, compared to 29 deaths throughout the whole year
2007, according to the Thai newspaper The Nation.
fever is transmitted by mosquitoes, and the deadly virus is found throughout Thailand and other neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia.
fever is widespread, and it has over the years evolved to be the most mosquitoes
carried disease, so it affects more people than malaria,” says executive
director Nils Strandberg Pedersen from “Statens Serum Institute” in Denmark to
    The carrier
mosquito is treacherous, it also sting during the day, and not only in the
dusk, which is typically time for hungry mosquitoes. There is still no vaccine,
so the aim is to avoid the itchy and infectious plugs.
    When the
authorities report on 41,307 cases, it means the actual figure is at least ten
times higher, thus the vast majority will never be registered.
incubation period is generally four to seven days. If you are infected you get
flu-like symptoms such as high fever, chills and headache. Other indications
can be muscle pain and hypersensitivity to light.
the way to recognize the disease the first time you get it. If you become
infected a second time, the symptoms are more difficult. Particularly children
are at risk, “said Nils Strandberg Pedersen. Both types of the dengue
fever can be deadly.
    Of course,
no one will be fully dressed on the day of a beach holiday, but when dusk falls
on, it is a good idea to were close witch cover as much of the body as possible.
Protect also hands, ankles and feet with mosquito spray.
there are less than 50 Danes, who is recorded with dengue fever after a trip. About
150,000 Danes travel to Thailand
each year.




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