Norway-based Scaberia Extends Strategy and Opens New Office in Singapore

Scaberia, a Norway-based Technology and Innovations Consultancy firm, announced on August 20 2008 that it has extended its strategy with a new concept called “Business meets Technology”. The principle idea is to support early stage technology and start ups in their speed to market and development stages. To support this process, Scaberia has been building its resources over the past six months with key business and sales executives.

As part of this new service, Scaberia has also established a new office in Singapore to offer its clients quick market entry into China and the Asian Pacific (APAC) region. Henry Phua was announced as a Senior Consultant for Scaberia ASIA to set up the business. Henry has a long track record of more than 18 years as a Sales and Business Development executive in China/APAC and has worked for Japanese, American and European companies covering the APAC region.

“The new concept was developed for companies which have an early stage technology and want to enter international markets as quickly as possible to gain market shares and come in contact with the right industry players. “I am sure that we will be helping companies do this as soon as this new service is in action. Our new office will support this in the emerging markets,” adds Frank Schmull, CEO Scaberia.

“Scaberia has defined a new and exciting concept and I am excited about joining the team and helping companies get into the APAC market”, commented Henry Phua.

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