GOAL! 4th ECCP Soccer Cup 2008

We want YOU to do more than just switch on your TV and do a wave on your couch! We invite you to
enjoy a full day of Soccer and fun. November 8, 2008 / 8am-5pm
    The 4th ECCP SOCCER CUP is Kicking into Gear Again!
Designed as an event to bring soccer closer to the Filipinos – it is a great team building experience,
proof that Filipinos do love to get a suntan, that soccer is more fun (and challenging!) when there are
females in the team, and that the days of Basketball are numbered.
    This event is open to all ECCP member companies and their employees. Each invited company forms
a mixed soccer team (minimum of 12 to maximum 15 players). Participation should include all levels of
the company (from CEO to messenger). This event is designed as a fun-filled day offering interaction
on many levels: sport (soccer & team bonding), games, food and drinks galore, networking, etc.
    The ECCP SOCCER CUP is a FUN CUP! You have never played soccer? The Olympic thought is
essential here and we all just want to have fun!
    For questions or clarifications, please contact Elaine Garcia-Gatchalian ([email protected]) or
Sarene Joseph ([email protected]) or call 845-1324.

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