Norway Toughens Rules For Citizenship

getting tougher, and more expensive, to get a Norwegian passport.
September 1, 2008 persons applying for Norwegian citizenship will have to prove
their proficiency in the Norwegian language. That’s in addition to paying a fee
of NOK 2,500 (nearly USD 500).
    All persons
aged 18-55 who apply for Norwegian citizenship from September 1 will have to
document that he or she has successfully completed 300 hours of Norwegian
language courses. That alone can cost around NOK 15,000.
    If they
can’t document such courses, they’ll have to pass a language exam administered
by Folkeuniversitetet or their local adult education program. That, too, will
incur a fee.
    Last year,
4,001 persons sought Norwegian citizenship in Oslo alone. They didn’t have to document
their language skills, but now they will.
    In addition
to meeting the new language requirements, applicants must have lived in Norway for
seven of the last 10 years. They need a clean police record, must give up their
existing citizenship and pay a fee of NOK 2,500 upon delivery of their
citizenship is granted, the new Norwegians can participate in a citizenship
ceremony but that’s not obligatory. More information on citizenship rules can
be found on the website for Norway‘s
immigration agency UDI,


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