Norwegian And Swedish Tsunami Aid Workers Sick

The doctors
didn’t know what was in the tanks being sprayed on the corpses and on them. The
Norwegian Newspaper Aftenposten reported that as many as 30 percent of forensic
specialists and others sent to identify bodies are now suffering asthma-like
    Seven of 10
Swedish workers who also have fallen ill already have been diagnosed with
problems related to the chemicals sprayed on the corpses and the workers to
prevent spread of disease.
must admit that I was puzzled by the substances sprayed on us,” Dr Torleiv
Ole Rognum told Aftenposten. He was among the scores of medical staff who
travelled to Thailand
after the tsunami struck just after Christmas in 2004.
could feel that it irritated my throat,” Rognum said, adding that neither
he nor his colleagues knew what they were being sprayed with. “It wasn’t
easy to get any information on the contents.”
    He and
another doctor, Vidar Skaug, have contacted investigators at state police
agency Kripos and asked them to contact everyone who worked in the area. Around
11 of the 35 who have responded so far confirm various ailments, including
“unidentified resporatory problems.”
declined to immediately reveal more details from the responses.


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