Nasty small creatures freeze to death by new Swedish innovation

Thanks to a Swedish innovation we may soon skip the traditional use of poison to get rid of termites, ants and other unwelcome guests in South East Asian homes, offices and factories.
     The solution is to confront the creatures with a rapid dose of -80 C degrees cold carbon dioxide snow shot out of a purpose made ‘gun’ and the insects immediately drop dead.
     Sinterkil, a company in Gothenburg on Sweden’s west coast, developed the method which is called Cryonite and currently tried in Singapore and Japan.
     All needed is a customised spray gun filled with liquid carbon dioxide, which immediately transforms to super cold snow when it is pumped out in the air.
     The environmentally friendly method has only one disadvantage: you must aim carefully and make a direct carbon dioxide snow hit on the doomed insects to kill them.
     Rapid species like cockroaches and spiders may evade the snow gunner by simply running away but if hit they too are gone.
     On the other hand the fast insects’ eggs, larvae and cocoons are easily taken out.

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